Massage at homes Sofia Масаж по домовете

90 лева
12.04.2023 67 ID 8686
For me, massage is magic! Which carries you along the waves of pleasure and transports you to another world - the world of your sensations..
The magic of touch is like a current that runs through the strings of your body and soul and awakens every cell in you, awakens them to life! It's a ritual between your body and soul! It's a journey to yourself! This is the magic of massage!
Invite the magic of massage into your home to immerse yourself in its depths.

* Therapeutic massage with Alpine herbs
*Deep woven
*Detox and peeling massages

1 of 3 massage bonus options:
1. Facial massage 10min 10BGN
2. Scalp massage 10min 10BGN
3. Cupping therapy 10min 10BGN

Massage at homes Sofia
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60 minutes BGN 90
90 min. 120 BGN
120 min. 150 BGN
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