Massage in your home Sofia

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You feel tense, exhausted and tired,
stiff, you have pain, sports injuries, you suffer from insomnia, you retain water, you have cellulite, oily skin,
you are not in the mood - the solution is a massage!
Massage helps to lose weight,
removes tension and pain, gives energy and strength, invigorates and restores the body!

Don't have enough time and don't want to wait weeks or months to make an appointment for a massage?
Don't have the energy after work to go anywhere?
No need to wait!
No more straining in busy traffic!
No need to go to a salon because -
Therapy will come to you!
You don't need to do anything at all, except - Relax! And forget about everything else!

To this end, I offer you:
*Office massages Sofia
*Massages in Sofia hotels
*Massages at homes for all neighborhoods of Sofia, Bankya,

Spa ritual massage collection:
- Relaxing
- Classic
- Medicinal with cooling salve
- Sporty
- Deep tissue massage
- Detox massage with Himalayan salt
- Peeling massage with coffee/activated charcoal/rice milk/sugar peeling chocolate
- Anti-cellulite

*Optional facial massage
*Optional scalp massage
* Cupping therapy if needed
- 10min 10BGN

1 hour BGN 90
90 min. 120 BGN
120 min. 150 BGN

Discount for groups and package prices negotiable!
Sofia city
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